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4 Ways To Get Collateral Loans To Help For Family Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral can reach thousands of dollars. If your loved one has passed away and has no benefits, then all of those costs could come straight out of your pockets. Instead of going into debt, you can use your loved one's items to take out a collateral loan and help pay for the funeral costs. With a collateral loan, you supply the business with the item and get a set loan amount. Once the loan is paid off, you can get the items back. This is a great way to get quick cash and provide your loved one with a funeral that they deserve. The following four items can help you get the most out of a collateral loan and cover funeral expenses.

Class Rings

Engagement rings, wedding rings, and other special pieces of jewelry may want to be saved and passed down to various family members. Instead of risking those items, you can look for something else with value like a class ring. Class rings are made with all different types of materials and finishes. When you bring the ring to a pawn shop, such as Sol's Jewelry & Loan, for a collateral loan, the first step is to examine the ring for value. Jewels like diamonds or gem stones could be worth hundreds of dollars. The ring material itself could be plated with valuable silver or gold. The whole ring could even be crafted in a material like white gold. The school of the ring could even hold extra value. For example, an Ivy-league school ring may have more value than a community college ring. The final estimate can give you a good idea of the ring's value and how much your loan will be worth.

Musical Instruments

If your loved one played any musical instruments, then these items are great for getting a collateral loan on. Instruments that have been taken care of can last for numerous years and really help supplement your funeral costs. Both electric and acoustic guitars are great items that you can pawn. Guitars from famous companies can have more value as the name brand carries a sign of quality with it. Other expensive instruments include saxophones or electronic keyboards. Saxophones often have gold plating and heavy metals that are high in value. An electronic keyboard features modern components and technology that makes them expensive. Along with the instrument, try to bring the carrying case and any other supplemental materials like the manual to prove the age and worth of the product.

Autographed Items

People love to collect autographed items and memorabilia. If your loved one has autographs from celebrities or athletes, then these signatures can help get you hundreds of dollars in loans. There are many factors in determining the value of an autograph. The first is the object it is autographed on. For example, an autographed novel will be worth more than a napkin or bookmark signed by the same author. An autographed baseball or card is worth a lot more than an autographed ticket stub.

The proof of the autograph is another important aspect of determining value. Providing certificates of authenticity or images of the person actually signing the autograph can help prove that it's real.

Gold Items

Quickly add up values for funeral expenses by finding any type of gold items located in your loved one's home. Aside from jewelry, you may find objects with valuable gold in it. Look for antiques like plaques or clocks that contain gold elements. Fine China may have gold plating on it that is worth money. Look through dishes to see this gold plating. When you bring it to a shop, they can determine what type of gold is used and the value of it. Look for any type of gold coins in the home. Not only do gold coins have the value of the metal, but the coin itself could be worth money. If you have a lot of gold items, it may be a good idea to call ahead of time and see what ones they will accept before bringing it in.

By carefully selecting and planning these items, you can easily collect enough money to support a funeral. In the end, you will be happy to have a proper service for your loved one.