How To Care For Vintage Gold Wedding Bands

If your wedding is right around the corner and you've decided to use your grandmother's gold band, or any other vintage band, as a symbol of your love and devotion, there are a few things you'll need to do to take special care of it. Although treating heirloom-quality wedding bands is similar to their newer counterparts, some extra precautions should be made.  Using a vintage gold band when you say " [Read More]

Why A Good Website Is So Important For A Jeweler

Jewelry shops have been around for hundreds of years in some iteration or another. They are one of the oldest institutions in many different countries across the globe, and as such many jewelers feel comfortable with limited advertising because of how widespread the need is. After all, you don't need to promote yourself or your product if everyone already knows about it and needs you, right? Well, that is not entirely correct and it is important that you don't shut down the idea of advertising or it may cost you. [Read More]

What to Look For an a Wedding Band

If you want to buy a wedding band, such as a six carat emerald cut diamond band, there are many things you should look for in your purchase. From the price to the style, you have many selections and options available to you. It's up to you to ultimately decide what you want in a wedding band. You should do your part to make your wedding band perfect for your needs, and a six cut emerald cut diamond band might be right for you. [Read More]

Three Important Characteristics Of Sleeper Earrings

A pair of sleeper earrings can be a good addition to your jewelry box. This type of earring gets its name from being suitable to wear while you're sleeping and is a popular choice when you first get your ears pierced. You can use sleeper earrings overnight to prevent your newly pierced ears from closing up, which is important in the days and weeks that follow your piercing appointment. This type of jewelry can also be a good choice if you're a frequent napper who may occasionally drift off to sleep on the couch before you think to remove your earrings. [Read More]