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3 Tips On How To Care For Trendy Glass Bead Fashion Jewelry Worn Regularly

You don't have to spend a fortune on accessories in order to stand out from the crowd. Fashion jewelry is made from less expensive materials, so that it is more affordable to the general masses. Out of all of the different types of trendy fashion jewelry designed, glass bead jewelry is one of the most highly praised and cherished materials, as the glass beads can last for a lifetime and are exquisitely made with many details included. If you want your trendy glass bead fashion jewelry to last for years to come, you have to make sure you care for them properly – especially if you wear them regularly. Here are 3 tips that will keep your glass bead fashion jewelry looking like new.

Put on Lotions Long Before the Jewelry and Makeup After

The exquisiteness of glass bead jewelry can mainly be attributed to its translucent properties. The glass beads look absolutely amazing when sun reflects off of its surface. To prevent the color of the glass beads from getting dull or fading, it's important to make sure that the surface of the glass bead does not come into contact with any contaminants. This is especially true since the surface of these beads can be rather porous depending on how they were made. It's easy for color to leak in and get transferred permanently onto the beads.

The biggest culprits responsible for dulled or faded colors are lotions and makeup. The oils from lotions can easily penetrate into the glass beads and dull their shine while color transfer from makeup can more often than not be permanent. To keep your glass bead fashion jewelry in tip-top shape, make sure you put on lotion long before the jewelry. This way, there is ample time for the oils from the lotions to get absorbed into the skin. In addition, you should put on makeup only after you have chosen and put on your jewelry to avoid color transfers that result from putting the fashion jewelry on and taking it off.

Store the Jewelry on a Flat Surface

Unlike fashion jewelry made from metals, glass bead fashion jewelry usually are strung along a string and not a metal. Because of this reason, you do not want to hang your jewelry on a hook at the end of the night, as the weight of the beads will pull down on the string and will cause it to become loose. This will cause the shape of the fashion jewelry to become warped. Instead, store the jewelry on a flat surface.

In addition to warping the string that holds the beads together, hanging glass bead jewelry will cause the glass beads to rub against each other. This will also cause the beads to lose their shine. Constant friction between the glass surfaces may result in permanent scratches.

Clean and Polish the Beads Regularly

As you wear the glass bead jewelry around about, it will be exposed to many different environments. Dirt, dust and other particulates will easily accumulate on the surface of the beads. Clean and polish the beads regularly in order to make sure that they will always glisten. Don't use any commercial cleaning agents, as they may strip off any coating that may have been applied to the surface of the beads. Instead, wipe each bead using a damp cloth and with a little dish soap.


Don't overlook trendy glass bead fashion jewelry because they can easily outshine fine jewelry, and make your outfit come to life. If you have already gotten your hands on some, make sure that the jewelry will last by making an effort to properly maintain its shine and luster.