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3 Ways to Know Just What You're Getting When Buying An Engagement Ring Online

When looking at engagement rings for sale online, you aren't able to touch and hold the ring you're getting until after you purchase it. You can, however, know exactly what you're getting and be sure you (or your fiance) is happy with it. Here are three ways you can know precisely what you're getting when buying an engagement ring online.

Look for Exact Ratings, not Ranges

All diamonds are graded according to the "4cs:"

  • cut, which refers to both a diamond's shape and its quality
  • carat, which refers to a diamond's weight
  • color, which refers to a diamond's color (or lack thereof)
  • clarity, which refers to a diamond's imperfections

Some online sites provide ranges for the diamonds they sell. For instance, when buying a diamond from such as site, you might get one that's 0.70 to 0.83 carats, has a color rated E to F and has a clarity grade of VS to VVS. When buying such a diamond, you'll have an idea of what you'll get, but you won't know precisely the stone you'll be purchasing.

To know just what you're getting, look for an online engagement ring company that lists the specific grades of each diamond. Seek out, for example, a company that has a diamond that's precisely 0.76 carats, has a color E and has a clarity grade of VVS. When the exact details are provided, you'll know what you're buying and you'll be able to get the precise value of the stone.

Look for an Independent Grading Report

To ensure the ratings provided are accurate, look for a company that provides complimentary independent grading reports. A company might not provide a report until you purchase the diamond, but they should include one with the diamond when they ship it to you.

The main agency that provides reports is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA won't appraise a diamond, but it does offer independent assessments of diamonds' characteristics. A GIA report acts as a third-party confirmation of a diamond's grades.

For added security, you can limit your search to diamonds that have their GIA report number laser-inscribed on them. As Jewelry Secrets explains, the inscription is placed on the girdle of the diamond, which is the side of the diamond, and viewable under a microscope or jeweler's loupe. To confirm that the diamond you receive is the one that's detailed in the GIA report you get, you just need to look up the numbers and match them to those on the report.

Look for a Physical Store or Generous Returns Policy

With the qualities of your diamond precisely detailed and a GIA report that confirms the stone's grades, you'll know the exact details about the diamond you're purchasing. This isn't the same, however, as actually seeing, holding and wearing the stone in an engagement ring. To ultimately know the engagement ring you're purchasing, you have to have it in-person. There are two ways you can get your engagement ring in hand when buying it online.

First, you can choose to buy your engagement ring online from a company that has physical stores near you. You can make the purchase online, where you might get a better price, and then pick it up in store.

Second, you can purchase from a company that has a generous return policy. As long as you can return the ring if the diamond's not perfect, you'll be able to hold it without assuming any risk. If you don't like it for any reason, just send it back and get a different one.

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