A Beautiful Wedding Present

Wedding Band Selection Strategies

You want your and your husband's wedding rings to symbolize your union and undying love, but how does one go about picking out a 'perfect' set of rings? If your soon-to-be husband doesn't wear jewelry or if he is someone who tends to go overboard when it comes to showcasing 'bling' on his body, you may be worried about how your preferences are going to affect the outcome of the purchase of the wedding bands.

Talk It Out

Your partner already has a sense of how you perceive fashion and jewelry, and you obviously have an inkling about his personal tastes. It is still important, however, to verbalize your wishes and request information about the set of wedding bands that you both want to purchase. If the two of you are splitting the cost of the rings, it is imperative that you are both satisfied with your respective wedding bands.

Additionally, you are probably going to be wearing the rings every single day. For this reason, the decision process should not be taken lightly. Begin a conversation by stating what types of men's wedding rings you prefer. If you are interested in owning a matching set or if you would like your wedding band to be custom crafted so that it complements your engagement ring, then let it be known.

Next, allow your partner to describe the type of band that he likes the most. If you have a jewelry magazine or advertisement, this will assist you and him with pointing out various styles that are preferred.

View And Size Rings

When visiting a jewelry shop, you are going to be seeing so many different styles of jewelry, and this can make it difficult to whittle down your options. Don't have any misconceptions about choosing rings on the initial visit. This should be a joint decision, and you and your partner may need to shop around on multiple occasions before a decision is made.

Keep a list of the rings that you and your loved one try on and include a description and price for each jewelry item. Talk things over at the end of your shopping experience to try to come to a decision or, at the very least, eliminate some options that you both aren't thrilled with.

The two wedding bands that are chosen do not need to be a perfect match. As long as the rings are constructed of the same materials and possess similar designs, they will be complementary to one another.