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Bohemian Style Tips For Mature Women

The bohemian look isn't just for the young. As a mature, free-spirited woman, the boho style allows you to let your inner hippie out in the most beautiful way possible. Boho is actually quite forgiving with its flowy fabric and layering styles, so the style works for a variety of body types and it isn't bound by age.


The peasant shirt is considered a keystone piece of boho style. Opt for over-the-shoulder styles with loose, flowy edges for a more forgiving option. The other style staple when it comes to blouses are tunics. Longer, tunic-style shirts can be especially attractive for creating a smooth, thinning line down the torso that. Remember that the bohemian style is focused on the fabrics and details. Avoid stiff fabrics and look for details like embroidery to find a piece that pops.


Skirts are the most common bottom one sees when looking for boho inspiration. The loose fabric really works in a mature woman's favor, as it covers any of the real or imagined flaws in the rear and thigh area. Flowing prairie skirts and loose maxi skirts are the norm. Decorative trim, embroidery, or floral designs can work just as well as bright solid colors. Layered skirts made of thin fabrics produce a lot of movement, another hallmark of the style. If skirts aren't your thing, then wide-leg gaucho pants are another beautiful option that integrates well with the boho style.


Fortunately, you can toss your heels if you are going for a boho look. If the gladiator-style sandals popular with the boho look seem like too much, any shoe or sandal made of natural materials  and in earth tones work well. Wide toe boxes with rounded toes are a popular option, which is a style that can also provide more comfort if you spend much of your day on your feet. Leather and cork sandals are another timeless option with no age bounds.


The bohemian look really comes together around the accessories. You can take a boring, plain blouse, for example, to the next level by opting for some layers. You can use some bohemian layering pendants rather than a single simple necklace. A variety of chain lengths ranging from medium to long and combined with large pendants, fringe, and bright beads help add interest to the necklace. Bangle bracelets are another hallmark of the style, as are rings on multiple fingers. When it comes to metal choices, silver typically wins. Desert-inspired stones and insets, like pale turquoise or carved bone, help finish the look.