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Three Good Things About A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

When you think about engagement ring designs, you might commonly picture those that have a single diamond. Although popular, this isn't the only type of engagement ring that you might wish to consider buying. Another popular type is a ring that has three diamonds. Often, this design features a larger diamond in the center, with a smaller diamond set on each side of it. There's little doubt that some of these designs will catch your eye as you browse at your local jewelry store, and you may even lean toward buying a ring with this style. Here are some good things about three-stone engagement rings.

They Offer More Sparkle

One thing that you'll immediately notice when you look at some three-stone engagement rings — especially when you do so under the bright lights at your jewelry store — is that they can often have more sparkle than rings with just one diamond. If you hold one of these rings in your fingers and move it around, you'll likely be pleased to see how much the three diamonds catch the light and offer a sparkly appearance. If you know that your significant other loves sparkly jewelry, this can be the perfect type of ring to buy.

They're Ideal For Wide Fingers

It's valuable to think about the appearance of your significant other's fingers when you shop for an engagement ring. A ring with a single diamond can often be ideal for someone with slender fingers, but if your significant other's fingers are slightly wider, you may want to look at other options. A single diamond can look small on a wide finger, and this may not provide the look that both of you want. Meanwhile, the three-diamond design can be ideal because the width of the diamonds will better suit her finger.

They Can Be Symbolic

If you're someone who appreciates the symbolism of different objects and you like the idea of including some symbolism in your wedding proposal, an engagement ring with a three-stone design might be a perfect choice. There are many different ways that you can view this type of ring as symbolic, but one option that may appeal to you is to think of the three diamonds as representing the past, present, and future of your relationship. You may enjoy explaining this concept to your significant other after you present the ring, and your significant other may enjoy thinking of this idea as she looks at her ring.

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