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Materials to Consider for Wedding Bands

When buying wedding bands, the bride and groom can choose bands that match or are similar in materials. However, wedding bands have come a long way and are made of a variety of materials that can meet the needs of both male and female fashion. Some wedding bands even have a gender-neutral appeal to them so they can be worn by both the bride and groom.

Whether you want your wedding bands to match or not, it's wise to know what materials you can choose for your wedding bands in the first place. This makes it that much easier to find the bands that you really want, whether you are picking out separate bands based on personal preferences or you want your bands to match and need to know which materials will be most flattering and budget-friendly.

1. Ivory

While not the most common material used in rings, ivory, particularly elk ivory, can be used in wedding bands. The bands are either made of ivory entirely or have the elk ivory placed in them in a crushed form. It's not uncommon to see elk ivory, resin, and polished wood or other natural material incorporated into a wedding band for a charming and modern approach to wedding jewelry.

2. Silver

Less expensive than other wedding bands, silver bands are timeless in their appeal and carry their own shine. If you want to have the allure of a white gold ring without spending as much on your purchase, consider silver for both your male and female wedding bands. Stamped or etched silver wedding bands have texture to them, adding to their allure.

3. Rose gold

Yellow and white gold have long-since been popular metals used in the composition of wedding bands. Rose gold is a more modern approach of this classic gold ring style, and can be charming in both male and female or gender-neutral wedding bands.

Rose gold is actually made of both true gold and copper, with gold taking up most of the ring's composition. The more gold in a rose gold band, the more karats the band carries. The color of rose gold wedding bands will vary depending on how much copper is in each ring. More copper means a more pinkish hue.

You can choose wedding bands in many styles and materials other than classic gold or white gold. You can get wedding bands with or without stones to make each ring as unique as the person who wears it. Visit services like Meyers Jewelers to look at wedding bands today.