A Beautiful Wedding Present

Keys To Designing An Optimal Custom Engagement Ring

Once you know for sure you want to marry your partner, you'll probably start looking at engagement rings. You won't find many more important purchases than this ring and to truly impress, you might go the custom route. If you are, these steps will help you enjoy this process and end up with a ring that your partner loves.

Prepare Early

Making a custom engagement ring will usually take several weeks regardless of the jeweler you end up working with. It is on you to start preparing for this purchase as early as you can. Then you'll have it well before the date that you plan on asking your partner for their hand in marriage.

As soon as marriage becomes a real possibility, start looking at designs for custom engagement rings so that you can build off these initial ideas. The earlier you start looking, the more time you'll also have to save up for the entire or partial payment. 

Look at a Line of Rings From the Jeweler

Once you've made up your mind on who to work with for a custom engagement ring, you want to carefully examine their line of rings that they've made in the past. This is an easy way to gain inspirations for what you want to be done with your own custom engagement ring.

You'll also get to see what style the jeweler is accustomed to working with. You can then choose something that lines up with this style, which will make the custom engagement ring creation process go a lot smoother because the jeweler won't be out of their comfort zone.

Carefully Gain Partner's Preferences

Since this engagement ring is for your partner that you're going to be asking to marry you, they need to have a say in what you choose. However, you probably don't want this surprise to be spoiled. You need to come up with a plan that lets you get their preferences without giving away this custom engagement ring selection process.

They may have said materials or styles they liked with rings in the past. Or, you may be able to ask their close friends and parents for added direction. Do this and then you'll know without a doubt how the custom engagement ring should be made. 

Custom engagement rings are so special because of their uniqueness and the time that jewelers put into them. If you are able to account for relevant customization details, you'll get a truly special ring that has a life-changing reception. Reach out to a professional who can help you with custom engagement ring design