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Three Important Characteristics Of Sleeper Earrings

A pair of sleeper earrings can be a good addition to your jewelry box. This type of earring gets its name from being suitable to wear while you're sleeping and is a popular choice when you first get your ears pierced. You can use sleeper earrings overnight to prevent your newly pierced ears from closing up, which is important in the days and weeks that follow your piercing appointment. This type of jewelry can also be a good choice if you're a frequent napper who may occasionally drift off to sleep on the couch before you think to remove your earrings. Sleeper earrings can have various designs, but they'll generally have these three characteristics.


You can expect that any pair of sleeper earrings that you assess at your local jewelry store will be small in size. Large earrings can be cumbersome when you sleep. For example, large hoop earrings can pull at your earlobes or bend awkwardly when they're between your head and the pillow. The small size of sleeper earrings will keep them from bothering you. Even if you're the type of person who sleeps on your side, you shouldn't be aware of the presence of these earrings.


Sleeper earrings are also generally light in weight, regardless of their specific design. While some people enjoy the look of heavy earrings during the day, you don't want to wear this style overnight. Instead, you'll want to give your earlobes a break — especially if they feel a bit tired after wearing heavy earrings for several hours. Many sleeper earrings weigh very little; you can often hold a pair of these earrings in your hand without being aware of their presence. When you keep them in your ears overnight, they won't pull and cause discomfort.


While your local jewelry store carries a wide selection of earrings that have elaborate designs, you'll find that sleeper earrings tend to have a simple look. Their simplicity helps them avoid interfering with your sleep. For example, a lot of sleeper earrings are simple hoops that don't have any dangling elements on them. Visit a local jewelry store to browse its selection of sleeper earrings. While this design will be valuable after you get your ears pierced, you should pick out something in a style that you favor, as there's no reason you can't continue to occasionally wear these earrings in the years ahead.