How To Make That Custom Engagement Ring Really Yours

If you get a chance to design your own engagement rings, grab it. Being able to create a ring that looks exactly like your dream ring is a special blessing. Plan the ring carefully; not only do you want something unique, but you also want to be sure the ring doesn't run afoul of a few issues that affect most jewelry. After you design the ring, hang onto the design for a while to see if it loses its designed luster.

Three Types Of Cluster Earrings That May Appeal To You

If you're planning a visit to a local jewelry store with the goal of buying some new earrings, you might have some particular styles in mind. For example, you might be thinking about buying hoops, studs, or another similar style. It's useful to evaluate your other options, including cluster earrings. This style of earring is popular and gets its name from a small cluster of individual elements that are grouped together.

Three Good Things About A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

When you think about engagement ring designs, you might commonly picture those that have a single diamond. Although popular, this isn't the only type of engagement ring that you might wish to consider buying. Another popular type is a ring that has three diamonds. Often, this design features a larger diamond in the center, with a smaller diamond set on each side of it. There's little doubt that some of these designs will catch your eye as you browse at your local jewelry store, and you may even lean toward buying a ring with this style.