3 Ways to Know Just What You're Getting When Buying An Engagement Ring Online

When looking at engagement rings for sale online, you aren't able to touch and hold the ring you're getting until after you purchase it. You can, however, know exactly what you're getting and be sure you (or your fiance) is happy with it. Here are three ways you can know precisely what you're getting when buying an engagement ring online. Look for Exact Ratings, not Ranges All diamonds are graded according to the "

4 Ways To Get Collateral Loans To Help For Family Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral can reach thousands of dollars. If your loved one has passed away and has no benefits, then all of those costs could come straight out of your pockets. Instead of going into debt, you can use your loved one's items to take out a collateral loan and help pay for the funeral costs. With a collateral loan, you supply the business with the item and get a set loan amount.

Cheap (Legal) Ways To Get Your Hands On Not-So-Cheap Jewelry

Living like a king or queen usually requires the equivalent of a royal treasury -- but those "crown jewels" might come cheaper than you ever dared to imagine. If you've always wanted to give or receive beautiful jewelry without paying ugly retail prices (or robbing a jewelry store), here are some imaginative ways to go about it. Renting or Borrowing from a Jeweler This approach works brilliantly if you just need to look like a movie star for a one-time occasion, annual event or handful of public outings throughout the year.

3 Tips On How To Care For Trendy Glass Bead Fashion Jewelry Worn Regularly

You don't have to spend a fortune on accessories in order to stand out from the crowd. Fashion jewelry is made from less expensive materials, so that it is more affordable to the general masses. Out of all of the different types of trendy fashion jewelry designed, glass bead jewelry is one of the most highly praised and cherished materials, as the glass beads can last for a lifetime and are exquisitely made with many details included.

Two New Coin Collecting Mistakes To Avoid

Numismatics or the art of coin collecting can be a fascinating as well as a monetarily rewarding hobby. When you first start collecting, you may want to purchase loose coins that have not been properly graded. This is often cheaper and you may end up purchasing a rare coin that you can sell later on. However, you may ruin your investment if you make some newbie mistakes at the beginning. Keep reading to learn about some of these mistakes you should avoid.

6 Tips For Creating The Perfect Marriage Proposal

You and your significant other have been discussing marriage for a while and you know it's time to pop the question. You also know this is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you want it to go as perfectly as possible. A great marriage proposal takes thoughtfulness and a bit of planning. Here are six ways to create the perfect marriage proposal: Have the Perfect Ring Ready In a recent survey, proposing without an engagement ring was considered the biggest proposal mistake.